Sync from server?

This is more a question about functionality than a traditional support request.

I have a Nextcloud 12 instance running on an Ubuntu Snap, and I want to sync logs files created on the server by an external program to Nextcloud. I setup the logging to sync it’s files to the Nextcloud files directory for my user on the server, but the files never sync.

My question is, is this expected behavior, or is there a way to get Nextcloud to pick up these changes?

Thanks in advance!

I’m going to copy-pasta what I said on a different topic, but what is said is still relevant :slight_smile:
PS - I did make a couple tweaks to fit your issue

Nextcloud has no knowledge of files that you upload externally outside of it. If this is a primary method you use to upload files, there’s a couple things you can do:

  1. There is a config.php option you can set so that Nextcloud will check if any files are loaded into the data directory outside of Nextcloud (check the Nextcloud documentation on that one)…mind you, last year when I checked this option out it is was marked as experimental. That may no longer be the case, but the docs let you know that
  2. After loading these files, you can scan all of your files for all Nextcloud or just the user your putting all these files in. This section of the docs tells you how to do that

I’d also check to see if the files you are syncing with external software are actually showing up in your user directory too in addition to those 2 points.

Ok thanks so much! This gives me a good starting place on where to dig.