Sync Error Windows Client

Hello there ,

I just install Nextcloud on OMV . First i got issue adding my internal Raid5 storage .
After i manage to add it i spot some wired activity. I add the same Raid5 to my Windows 11 PC as local drive. I think if i upload file from Windows to this folder will be not synced and visible to NextCloud but is visible . Then i rearrange the files in this folder vrom my PC and now

Nextcloud Windows agent is giving me errors about syncing this changes . Also '500 internal errors" . Message is also visible . Also if i try to View Activiti a new small windows is open with nothing inside . Please help .

I think it is recommended to copy the files to Nextcloud from Windows 11 point of view either via WebDAV or via Nextcloud client and not directly to the network device Nextcloud also uses. Maybe you just misunderstood Nextcloud and its functions.

Please post more details: screenshots, logs, …

At general it was a small nightmare setting up Nextcloud i follow DbTech guide video and get errors after error . First was Etag error , then wrong config adding the RAID5 storage . Now this .
OK so now i am moving the files again to my Windows 11 machine and will upload them via Nextcloud .

I think we need more details. Normally the Windows Nextcloud client should work.

What details do you need ? From the Win.11 machine or from Portainer ?

Ok so i remove all data and this time i add it try the Nexcloud folders . And again error after error this time is “Server reported no Etag”