Sync error on nextcloud client 2.6.4 nexctcloud 19

Ubuntu 20.04
php 7.4
proxy apache2.4

nextcloud 19 Ldap

Necxtcloud 19. Flashes with Sync 2.6.4 windows
Nexctcloud authorization through ldap gives an error, an HTTP transmission error has occurred. The server returned a response that does not contain file information. If you click on an error, an error window pops up. When the browser starts, to open the address d:% 5 user.
If you use sync client version 2.3 there are no errors.

log from sync

лог из sync

[OCC::ConnectionValidator::systemProxyLookupDone No system proxy set by OS
[OCC::AccessManager::createRequest 2 “” “https://cloud.******.ru/status.php” has X-Request-ID “47a60048-4928-41ce-92d3-827f550c5142”
[OCC::AbstractNetworkJob::start OCC::CheckServerJob created for “https://cloud.*******.ru” + “status.php” “OCC::ConnectionValidator”
[OCC::Utility::openBrowser QDesktopServices::openUrl failed for QUrl(“d:%5CAdm”)