Sync Error MacOS Client 2.5.1

Hello everybody,

I am using MacOS Mojave version 10.14.3 and the Nextcloud Client version 2.5.1.
Every time the nextcloud client tries to syncronize I get an error message with “server replied: Internal Server Error”.

I am using Nextcloud in version 15.0.5. On two other Mac computers with an older MacOS version (with the same user) it works.
Does anyone still have the problem or knows how to fix this error?
I already uninstalled and reinstalled the client several times. Unfortunately this didn’t work either.


This is not a client error. Please check your webserver log. Error 500 is something bad and I am sure you will find some related entries.

Thanks for the quick answer.
I had already suspected of the web server. I had only wondered why there are only problems with one client and not with the others.
I will then have a look at the logs.