Sync duplicates the photos on the phone

I set up the TestAlbum for Auto upload
When I press Sync, all photos get duplicated to Android/media/com.nextcloud.client .
I would like Sync to only perform the sync between local phone folder TestAlbum and NextCloud.

Check the automatic upload settings for the folder in question. There is one parameter at the end of the list which allows you to decide how to handle original files (keep it in the original folder, move it to the app folder or delete it).

That option is set to be kept in the original folder.

In this case I would assume that it is what you see, duplicate files. You should play around with the other parameter.

I did. There’s no resolution I could find, all parameters and options are pretty self-explanatory in their names and don’t fix this duplication.
Also, there are more topics around on the same issue, all left unanswered.
I would have hoped somebody to be able to provide a solution or shed some light on the logic behind the behavior.