Sync data from local storage and NAS

Hello Nextcloud community,
is there any solution to sync files from my laptop hard drive and from a mounted NAS storage at the same time? All my images are stored on a local NAS system, but i like to sync them into an “images” folder to my big nextcloud server. There is also a local folder on my laptop i like to sync. (documents…)

Is this possible? The only way i can imagine is to mount the NAS folder into my sync-folder, but if i’m not a home, i have no access to my NAS. Afterwards the client syncs all data back to my local drive, until there is no space left :frowning:

Thanks for help!

What a surprise: Google Backup and Sync added exactly this feature to their client software a few days ago. See release notes for details:

is your notebook linux based? Then I would suggest borg for this kinf of job

No, Windows. I know Borg Backup, but i like to duplicate my image library into my nextcloud to have full access to my images via the gallery plugin and share some folders with friends & familiy.

I use Syncthing with the external storage plugin. To the NextCloud server it looks like a local directory.
I can choose whether a folder is one- or bi-directional.

I’m syncing my Images directly from the NAS to the Nextcloud via nextcloudcmd HowTo here

So your Laptop would then only need to sync the Documents

Perhaps VPN (like Softether) is an option if you’re not at Home? We are using the NAS as only sync point to the nextcloud because of the same space issues you also have.

Sorry for the bad english i hope you can grasp the point :slight_smile: