Sync-Client without userinteraction


I just got my Nextcloud 12.03 up an running on a Xenial 16.04 Pi3 with Apache2, PHP7, MariaDB, APCU, OPCache.
I need it for my office. I want to share Calendar, Contacts and Files thru it.

At the moment I am stuck with the Sync-Client on Windows 7 when deleting files.

I have two directories on my drive:
Directory A, where i want my secratary to be able to modify data during daytime.
Directory B, where i want my script to copy over the files to it from directory A.

Robocopy.exe E:\directory_A E:\directory_B /MIR
=> will copy files from A to B.

Directory B is marked as to be synced by the Nextcloud-Desktop-App to my server, wich works well.

The problems come into play, when my script deletes files inside Directory B, because than, the Nextcloud-Desktop-App requests interaction. My script is intended to be run when the work day is over, so my script would also automatically shut down the computer, and nobody would be there, to interact with the Nextcloud-Desktop-App to confirm the deletion of the files on the server.

Any solutions to this problem? What can i do, to force the deletion on the server without user interaction? Any settings i can modify in the Desktop-App or serverside to accept the deletion automatically?