Sync Client 3.1.0 lost directory exclusions after upgrade from 3.0.3 (on Arch Linux)

I’m not sure about the cause, but my observation was that my sync client stalled (non-responsive) after the upgrade. Looking closer revealed that (un)selections that definitely were there in 3.0.3 were gone:

I have a group folder “Admin” contaning the subdirectories “images” and “utilities”. In 3.0.3 “utilities” was selected, “images” was deselected leading to a “partly seletected” directory “Admin”. After the upgrade, “Admin” was “fully selected” including all subdirectories.

I also had a file/folder exclusion string “.dont-sync” set, which was silently discarded also.

All those images would not have fitted in the remaining space of my local (SSD) file system. This did not lead to any warning or error, instead, the sync client stalled with this state in settings:


The stall issue may be primarily related to the fact that the local storage is full.

System is Nextcloud 2.0.3 on Arch (release, current), group folders 8.2.0.

Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?
Should I open an issue for that? In server or in groupfolders?