Sync between android and web application

I installed nextcloud 11.0.2 on ovh hosting in subdirectory /own
I make redirection .well-known and my cloud working correctly.
I have a problem with sync between my smartphone android (Leagoo Elite 5) and ((two direction) web application. But with thunderbird (lightning) et web application working well.
I not messages in nextcloud.log
Could you help me ? Thank you.
Sorry for my english, i’am french :wink:

I found a soluce to sync nextcloud with android on OVH hosted

  1. add redirection .well-know

  2. add desactived gzip form .htaccess (on root directory nexcloud)
    <IfModule mod_deflate.c>SetEnv no-gzip 1 </IfModule>

  3. add this lines on lib/base.php
    $incompatibleUserAgents = [
    // OS X Finder

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