Sync all the Calendar/Address book/Task of my users


I try to sync the calendar/Address book/Task of all my users ( ~100). I discover CalDav but don’t want to install it on each workstation because I want that a background process sync all this stuff. Some users still uses Exchange and some users are Nextcloud addict.

My idea is that the user continue to synchronise with Exchange and if they make a new calendar entry it will appear direct in Nextcloud.

I can make this with a server having “Outlook” and Caldav and configure all my user account on it. But Outlook take a loooooooong time to start it works with 30 users but with more it take too long to start and crash after loading :frowning:

Is there a simply “server side” solution to sync Exchange < – > Nextcloud for ~100 user ?

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Nextcloud announced some time ago, that there is the sync solution (that you probably don’t want to deploy on each workstation). Not sure if an easy deployment would be a solution, you could check with them to make it work (

Are there open source clients for Exchange? Or other groupware solutions that might have tools for migration?

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