Sync 2 addressbooks of 1 user via CardDAV with Mac


I am a bit confused about the different CardDAV-links You can copy via the nextncloud Webinterface to import in Mac Contacts App.
One even starts with “/remote.php…” missing the server name at the beginning.

Testing scenaro:

Addressbook1: “contacts” (the standard vor each user)
Link: https://SERVERNAME/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/macuser1/contacts/

Addressbook2: “global_adresses” (shared in Nextcloud by macuser3
Link: https://SERVERNAME/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/macuser1/globale_adressen_shared_by_macuser3/

Problem 1:
I made only 1 account on mac Contacts with the link of “global_adresses”.
I am getting all contacts of that addressbook on mac, but NEW contacts I make there are stored in “contacts” of macuser1.
But the link I imported to Mac pointed to the other addressbook.

Problem 2:
When I try to make an account for the second addressbook in mac contacts, I am getting an error, that the account is a double one. I think that is because the user, password and server is used by the first addressbook.
But the end of the url ist different of course ( … globale_adressen_shared_by_macuser3
So mac seems to ignore the explicit addressbook given by the from the link.

Has anybody solved that?

I am thinking of making more users for specific calendars and addressbooks instead of giving one user different ones.



I read a lot about Mac - Nextcloud sync the last days.
I found many problems with macOS Sierra. I am using Sierra too.

Just in case anybody will answer my Issue


Sorry to be of no helo here - but I also had a lot of problems and got somewhat no answers here… so nextcloud right now is reduced to a slow dropbox for me.

o.k. … so support without support…bad situation.
So I will do the same: I will use just the files part (one Syncfolder)

All the other nice to have features are not usable if You run into problems and there is no solution or any help