Symlinks not supported?

I have seen that symlinks are not supported by the nextcloud client.
I have try this and effectively it’s write in my nextcloud client that symlinks are not supported for synchronisation.
I am very surprised because we can select only one folder and symlinks are solution for synchronise many folders (i can’t want to move my original files in my nextcloud folder).
This problem prevents my to migrate at 100% to nextcloud :sweat:

I have search how to active symlinks support but not found.
It is not possible to active this options / features ?
Is that planned for new version ?


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Search the forums :wink:

Symlinks are not supported because of security risks (e.g. uploading symlinks to /etc/passwd)

Yes i understand that is not activate by default, but for advanced users there should be the possibility to activate it !

And seriously who set symlinks to /etc/passwd :smile:

If symlinks not possible we should be able to select many folders to synchronise (and not only one like now).

I am disappointed because if no solution nextcloud doesn’t match what i want. :sob:


Doesn’t really have anything to do with advanced users :slight_smile:

So what if there would be a mechanism that checked the destination of the symlink, compared it to a path-whitelist and only allowed uploads of symlinks that matched the path-whitelist?

Assuming such a mechanism could be created, would there still be remaining security risks?


Read it, thanks. Nothing about security concerns over there that I can see though… Anything specific I missed?