Switching to to Nextcloud AIO from Univention


I’m currently looking into switching to Nextcloud AIO from Univention. I originally started using NC in an Univention appliance, because it was a one click solution and it seems very safe. Ease of setup is important to me, because I’m not a trained admin or anything, I just need the functionality it provides.
With that said the Univention “branch” of Nextcloud continouse to get less and lesslove from the dev team. Currently we are still two versions behind of NC, again.

What quality of life feature will I lose moving from Univention, to the NC AIO? (for example: Let’s encrypt certs)

I’m looking forward to some conversation about AIO, before I jump ships. currently I manage a multi terrabyte NC with some addition external storage space with more storage. It is really mission critical to have it up all the time, so that’s why originally started with the Univention solution.

Hi, see GitHub - nextcloud/all-in-one: Nextcloud AIO stands for Nextcloud All-in-One and provides easy deployment and maintenance with most features included in this one Nextcloud instance. for a list of included features.

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Yes, thank you,I’m aware of this page. I was mainly looking for long time users feedback. For ie, switching from univention to the AIO docker, maintaining the underlying OS is on me. Thigs like that. I tried out the NCAIO and I had a bug. I got an answer and a solution extremly quick on github, so it’s very promising. I’m gonna migratre to the AIO at some point, I just have to come up with a plan to migrate Terbaytes of data.

Okay for example I just pressed the button to update all my applications on the server and now the only messege I saw, if I refresh the page, is that Update needed… Things like that. When you kill hours to try to resurect your cloud… Also AIO intefrace just stopped working. No idea how to resurect that. So far I’m not convinced. Nextcloud is missing a bunch of feature on Univention, but at least more stable. (HEIF support still missing in 2023.)