Switching primary storage

Hi there,

I’m planning to switch to SWIFT as a primary storage with my existing nexcloud 11. Installation.

Reading here: https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/11/admin_manual/configuration_files/primary_storage.html?highlight=swift

I’ve seen the note that: “Configuring a primary object store on an existing Nextcloud instance will make all existing files on the instance inaccessible.”

Does this also imply that I can not move the existing data to swift, then reconfigure nextcloud an all my data ist still accessible?

Is there some kind of migration path for this scenario?

Thanks very much!


I’m also interested on the same answer. :slight_smile:

Correct. A migration is currently not possible. Object storage as primary storage also has still quite some technical challenges all over NC and oC.

Thanks for the answer. I’m currently investigating a possibility to have that switching…

Anyway, with ‘technical challenges’ you don’t mean ‘problems’, right? Could you elaborate on those challenges?

  • performance?
  • managment?

Thanks and cheers.

Oh, trashbin and versions are currently not using object storage and if you upload a large file it will first be put together on the server and then be moved to the object storage without interaction with the user while the progress bar is already filled up. There might be other, not yet discovered issues happening.
For a migration you would need to translate current file paths into object IDs.