Switching on the video verification fails and leads to the failure of the password protection


I have the following situation:

I use Nextcloud 18.0.1 (Build: 2020-02-12T23:01:47+00:00) as a snap on ubuntu 19.10.

If i want to turn on the video-verification, i first have to activate the password-protection in the sharing menu (Screenshot). After that, the option for the video-verification gets visible. But if i activate the video-verifiacation and share the link to someone, both do not work. The File is open to anyone who has link. No password-protection and no video-verification appear.

Is this a bug or a missconfiguration? Anyone with the same issue?

Thank you and have a nice weekend,


Have you installed the Talk app and are you able to use it for video calls? Afaik, this is an essential requirement to use the video verification function:

Yes, Talk is installed and activated. Calls are actually working.

Have you tried calls internally or also with users outside of your network - on the Internet? If you send a link for a video verification to an external user, this might be of importance because it need to traverse your router/firewall.

The calls go through. I can call from extern to intern and viceversa.

There is just no security layer if i activate the video-verification.

I can confirm that behavior on my server (NC 18.0.1, Talk 8.0.4). As soon as I check the video verification option, an “Error updating the share” message is displayed and access to the resource is granted without the requirement to enter the configured password.

It seems that this problem has already been reported bit haven’t been fixed yet: