Switching from HDD to SSD, do I have to reinstall everything?

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My nextcloud is running well, still on 13 (I am waiting for passman to be ready to update). When I installed my NC I used an old HDD for the system disk (I have proper HDDs for the data), but I think it is now a bottleneck. That is why I now want to switch this old system HDD with a brand new SSD. The thing is it took me quite a time to setup everything. Is there a smooth way to switch without trouble? What is the proper way to do that?

I search for already answered similar questions, but did not find anything (maybe I missed something, if so, please link the question here, thanks).

Is it possible to just full backup, switch OS disk, install OS on it and restore backup?

Details: I am using ubuntu server 16LTS.

Thank you very much for trying to help me :wink:!

Is the SSD and the HDD the same size? If so, you could also opt for something like clonezilla which will give you a full system backup (image) which you could just restore. I am not aware of a “backup a whole instance” capability in NC itself, but I could be totally mistaken.

AFAIK there is no such capability.

CloneZilla or just dd is a simple and more or less fast solution (depends on disk or partition size). You can either copy the whole disk or whole partitions.
Otherwise you have to shutdown all services, export/import database and copy website and data directory

If possible i would prefer a solution like clonezilla over dd. dd also copies the empty space and you also copy the fragmentation of the data and just works if the size of the new disk is equal or larger.

I think you should export all of your passwords and import them in the (new) Passwords app. It is maintained very well and seems far better developed and professional than PassMan. The PassMan developers practically stopped working on the app (even though it has had some serious bugs for months) and they have been rude as well in their communication to the community. Not the nicest people, seemingly…

Ok so, first, I switch from php 5 to php 7 (required for the new password app) then I switch from passman to password. Then I update to NC 14. And finally I use clonezilla to copy my system Disk to a new SSD. Am I correct?

I would go for clonezilla as a first step, so in case something goes wrong you have a working starting point on the hdd


Yeah use CloneZilla to backup first, so you have something to write back to your HDD if something in your upgrade goes wrong. Then do the steps you mentioned (upgrades) and if you are happy, create a new image, of the updated system, plug in the SSD, and cast the updated image back. HTH.

I would take the backup, restore it to the ssd and do the updates there on the fast system, instead of the slow hdd… you still have the hdd as a fallback in case the something goes wrong.

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True. You are wise :joy:

Im just a technical support engineer, i do such things on a daily basis…

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Thank you all for your advice. I’ll do this in the next weeks, I’ll let you know how it went, and if the impact of the SSD on the overall usage.