Switching Apache to mpm-event & php-fpm breaks remote clients

I have been toying with using Nextcloud with mpm-event and php-fpm for better system resource management on my server as well as HTTP2 support. The web interface works great as well as the desktop clients. However, using DAV features in iOS, CalDAV on my desktop, and the iPhone Nextcloud app requires I reenter my password, but then it fails (barre my desktop which just initiates no response). So I’m wondering then, what’s missing? I have had to compile Apache and PHP from source to get this functionality. This is a FreeBSD 11.1 machine, I followed these instructions and I have the proper modules loaded AFAIK, they’re the same as they were before I switched to testing this

Without more information of the logs, it is hard to tell. Check which resources the iOS devices try to open and which fail (access-log).

Did you consider using nginx? It performs even better and the configurations are better tested than php-fpm on apache (my impression).

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Honestly, there was nothing in the logs at all pertaining to clients or DAVs. I’m not opposed to switching to nginx, considering my other web servers are nginx. Perhaps I’ll give that a spin and report back

That actually works a lot better tbh. Switch to nginx was easy (easy easy easy) and the configs helped, just had to make a couple of my own tweaks and additions. Works fast, http2 works, caldav works, just had to clear all browser caches to load the page properly in the end. Thanks :slight_smile:

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