Supported distributed storage for nextcloud


I’m looking at distributed file storage for storage of the files of Nextcloud and looking at GlusterFS.

But i’m wondering if anyone has recommendations/experience with using distributed file stoage for NextCloud.


There are some setup examples where glusterFS is also mentioned:

If you have the chance to go to the conference in September, there are probably a lot of people you can discuss this question. And you can try to catch a developer on IRC, they might have some experience or know where to ask.

Thanks, i’ve seen the documentation and it all seems fine. But I’m interested in some implemenations and experiences with GlusterFS or other distributed storage. Ive learned of a customer who has 16.000 users on the system, but has some issues with the rebuilding of nodes with GlusterFS. I’m trying to get some more details.

In the meanwhile i’ve been looking at openstack for storage, is there anyone who has experience with that as storage backend?

Interplanetary File System (IFS) and TahoeFS look really interesting, too. I love the idea of files being able to still be served if any given server goes down, which happens a lot more on my home servers than the big commercial options.