Support us - vote for Nextcloud in the Insiders award!

It’s the fourth time Nextcloud is nominated for the Insiders award. The first time we hit 3rd place and last year second again with a tiny margin - help us make it to the first spot in 2020!

Access the voting form here!

The voting form is available in German only, so here’s a quick guide for the rest of the world:

  1. Open the form, scroll to the “Filesharing and Collaboration” category and click the Nextcloud logo to vote. (You can vote also for the other categories if you want to)
  2. Scroll down to fill the required fields:

Choose “Frau” for female or “Herr” for male

Type your first name in “Vorname” text field and last name in “Nachname” text field.
Enter your email address.
Click “Nein” for no or “Ja” for yes to decline subscribing or subscribe, respectively, to their newsletter (which is in German).

Click “Senden” or enter to submit the vote.

That was it! Click here to vote.

Please, note that the website you are about to visit, as most news sites, tracks visitors… We suggest to use an anonymous browsing window!

Done. Does anyone knows how many votes this survey is getting?

I think Nextcloud has a better chance in this sort of competition if the reminder to take part in it is posted by someone other than @jospoortvliet…

Just think it was me :slight_smile: