Suggestion/idea: About filling out the report Intro

Hi Nextcloud Team,

please do not get me wrong for this statement.

I am missing a button in web or occ command where relevant support info information is formatted in a way that I can post it in the form and be sure that there is no personal information in it.

There are lots of bugs reported and while I appreciate the fill out forms I apologize for not filling them out completely. If I read the Logs and I have a problem with X and there is (in my opinion) nothing out of the ordinary I do not post it since there is (at least I do not know) no TRACE which acctually logs every single click I did or method used which would be (in my opinion) very helpful.

Details of “Nothing out of the ordinary”:

  1. Step:
    Do nothing for 15 minutes.
  2. Step:
    Save Log File
  3. Step:
    Do something which does not work
  4. Step
    Compare both Log files:
    —> no new/error lines found

Same with nginx or apache Log files apart from there is a request but it has 200 and there is no error reported. So it seems apache works correctly nothing out of the ordinary there.

So I have a suggestion:
Since there is the usage survey which already gathers a lot of information, the system report which also shows a lot of information from the system and the log information which are needed for the bug report why not combine these three and add config.php in a way where personal information is stripped to download (the most needed) support information?

I can imagine tons of answers which all are ok.

Last but not least. In my opinion nextcloud is stable and works very well! The problems I face are very easy to deal with if you are willing to read the forum or appear to be completely unsolvable for me cause I cannot see any indication that something went wrong apart from “not working” in the GUI.

You mean something like this: Issue Template - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud ?

There are even three commands mentioned in the issue template itself:

  • sudo -u www-data php occ app:list
  • sudo -u www-data php occ config:list system
  • sudo -u www-data php occ ldap:show-config
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Hi @stefan-niedermann ,

Yes that covers it basically.
I will use it in the future although this should be a featured app.
In version 0.7.0 with it seems not trustworthy handling delicate information with open issues.

Still I did not know about it and the open issues can be handled manually too.