Suggestion for admin account creation: Additional password field for verification ( Not 2FA )

Hi folks!

I have been using NextCloud since summer '17 and have been extremely satisfied compared to other 3rd-party cloud service and their corresponding providers. As I have made a great number of installations on a broad variety of Debian-based machines up to this point, I have noticed a missing feature:

Once the installation of NextCloud is complete and the server’s IP address is called up, you are redirected to the initial Admin creation page where you are to enter an Admin username and a password. ( Expected behavior. ) However, I am missing an additional password field where the new owner is to re-enter the Admin password to make sure the known-to-be-correct one is entered. Without this field, the Admin is more likely to run into the inconvenience locking him-/herself out due to accidentally mistyping the password.

I hope I could contribute to improve the overall usage of NextCloud for all world out here.

Best regards. :wink: