Suggestion for a SSO or OAuth2 setup


I am a NC user since some time, but now I need to setup for the first time a true collaborative environment.
The tools that we will be using mostly will likely be Collabora (for document sharing) and Talk (for communication). We are also using OpenProject.

We would like to find a way to give our customers a single sign-on to both NC and OpenProject but we would like to stay away from Google or other external OAuth providers.

Is there a way to setup an OAuth provider (within Nextcloud) to authenticate users and use it to configure an OpenID/OAuth2 login both on Nextcloud and OpenProject?

Ideally without too much work because we are not hardcore sysadmins :slight_smile: My wishful thinking was about a Docker instance I can reach on and use it to authenticate users.

Anybody has a setup to suggest?


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