Suddenly Maps Is Not Showing Anything Anymore

Hey everyone,

I installed Maps about a week ago, used the occ command to scan everything, let cron.php do it’s magic and afterwards 36k photos beautifully showed up on the map.
However, after rescanning for tracks (initially I only scanned for photos), nothing is displayed anymore.

The menu still says “Your Photos: 36k”, but the map is absolutely empty.
I’ve already tried rebooting Nextcloud, using a different browser, but it doesn’t work anymore.

Has anybody got a hint on how to resolve this?



After a lot of digging I seem to have found the issue.
When looking at the table oc_maps_photos I saw that the index didn’t start with 1, but rather with some 60,000…
I then exported the table, removed the IDs, ran

ALTER TABLE `oc_maps_photos`

and then reimported all rows.

All images now show again.
I don’t quite get how this happened. The only thing I did was to run occ maps:scan-photos multiple times. Maybe that command deletes previous entries and then the index continues counting?

Another issue now is that not all my tracks show up.
If I only have one GPX file in the database it works perfectly. If I have a few thousand no track shows anymore, but no error is displayed either.
Any ideas?