Sudden "Internal Server Error" instead of login-page


I’m stuck and after trying to understand what is going on for almost a whole day I need to surrender and ask for help…
I was successfully running nc13.0.1 with sqlite on a shared hoster with ssh access… I have not done any update or change of configuration. Out of the blue the login page greets me with:

“Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.
Please contact the server administrator if this error reappears multiple times, please include the technical details below in your report.
More details can be found in the server log.”

Ironically all other services and clients (iOS App, DesktopApp, CalDav and CardDav) are still working fine.

I have also tried to stetup a fresh nextcloud into another location. When I use MySQL everything works fine, but when I use sqlite I cannot even finish the setup-procedure.
When creating the admin account I get!


I get the same symptoms with php7 and 5.6.

Thank you in advance!

Brief update:
My Hosting Service states that it is due to a lack of robustness in the SQLite implementation…
If this is correct, it leaves me with a few open questions:
a) why did it occur out of the blue?
b) how to fix it?

A feasible workaround would be a new mysql-driven installation, adding all users manually and syncing personal data (calendar and contacts) back into the new db from previously synced desktop-clients…

I would still like to understand what’s going on, rather than running to another solution and simply forgetting about this…


sqlite is only for those who can’t use a real database and still might want to run Nextcloud with a single user (or very few with no simultaneous access). At certain points, it was discussed to drop support for it due to bad performance.

Your database in sqlite can get inconsistent when you try to run different operations at the same time on it. I’m not sure if that results in an i/o disk error or if there other factors (disk itself). It would be an advantage to run further tests on your own system, where you have more tools to analyse the problem. Then perhaps you could find something.

Personally, I would use mysql/postgresql and use my time for other stuff with Nextcloud, e.g optimize setup, test apps/clients/… give feedback whatever.

Thank your for your comment and advice!

In the meantime my provider was able to identify the problem and to suggest a solution:
At some point over the past week they blocked “/var/tmp” for shared users which apparently prevents SQLite from working…
They also suggested a solution:
insert " putenv("TMPDIR= /is/htdocs/user_tmp/… “);” into config.php.
This on one hand solves the problem, on the other for some reason shows how slow things can get…

I will try next to figure out how “php occ db:convert…” works…

Thank you again!