Successfuly installed self hosting nextcloud , no talk app!

I have successfully installed nextcloud latest version on debian 11.
everything went well and I am able to login to the portal, the problem is that there is no talk icon.Also in the setting, app , there is no conversation or talk at all.
any help will be appreciated.

Is the talk app installed?

I just followed the steps ( web install , setup-nextcloud.php )
Nothing mentioned for talk install

You have to install the Talk app from the appstore. Top right menu as admin user / apps / find the Talk app and install it.

I think I have mentioned that there is no app called talk in admin Menu

It is in top right menu under Apps.
You can only access this as an admin user.
You must install the Talk app to use it.


there is no app

Did you scroll down to the T section?

Of course !
nothing there
Also in other tabs ( active app , disable app , … )

On the top right “search” icon, the magnifier, type “talk”.