Substitute for Doodle?

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looking for a Nextcloud app like Doodle

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Calendar / Appointments do not appear to have a feature to select meeting times from a selection list. Is there a Nextcloud App that is good for this?

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Just a question about finding an App.

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): replace me
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PHP version (eg, 7.4): replace me

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  1. Ask the question!

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Thanks for the quick response. I scanned and searched but was in a calendaring mindset and didn’t think the obvious, “poll.” Needed to reframe.

Maybe you also like the app Forms
I think Forms is a great survey app.

The user can select a date or for special dates you must use text fields.

While and after survey you can export to CSV.
You can also use text fields e.g. to get optinal names of persons, …

Do Poll and Forms require that respondents have accounts under my umbrella or just respond via a browser?

Forms looks interesting too.

FYI: I’m a volunteer in a senior living community and active in helping others. I serve as an admin for our resident managed web site. There are 2,400 of us so there are many questions.

Thanks for the tips.

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Afaik they don’t need any account to fill in the surveys, it’s depending on the setup of the poll.

Best thing is: just trying it…

BTW all my respect for your work with senior ppl. Great!

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Try out both. Each works a little differently.