Subscription plan SN-50 not available?

I have just created my account for Nextcloud and want to use the subscription plan SN-50.
But when I click update my plan, I can only see SN-10 and then SN-200.
Have you removed the plan SN-50? If not, why can’t I see that particular plan?

hey @Anderiks and welcome to the HOMEUSER-forum of NC.

I am one of said users and I have never heard of these subscription-plans before so that I think it could be a feature of a professional/business-user.
In that case I’d kindlys ask you to get in touch with your local representative of NC. They might be of better help…

Thanks for the quick answer!
Let me share a screenshot to make it clearer:

This is the plan I want, SN-50. So that I will be able to store 50gb of data in Nextcloud. But when I click on “Update plan” I can’t see it, onnly SN-10 and SN-200.

awww… that looks like you have chosen a 3rd party hoster… to have your instance hosted somewhere (here: apparently switzerland)… so you’d better ask them about that problem.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding this.
I just want to use Nextcloud to store and sync all the files I have locally. So that I can reach the same files from my phone(Whenever I’m away from home) and my PC.

Then maybe none of these plans are necessary? Maybe it’s enough with just installing the client locally on my PC?

Because the local client seems to indicate that I will get 399GB to use for syncing files just by installing the local client.

the biggest unanswered question so far is: how/where do you have your nextcloud-server installed?

I have just created a nextcloud account and downloaded the Nextcloud client to my windows pc.
So, I guess my own PC will be the server?

Or do I have to install a server somewhere? or subscribe to a online service like the one Nextcloud offered me: opsone-cloud


nopers… clients != server

yes. either at your home on some extra hardware (other versions possible) or somehwere online. but as you made an account and do ask for sn-50 I think you made an account at some 3rd party hoster. (your screenshots do indicate the same story). And thus you’d need to ask at “your” provider (onlineservce where you made your account) what happened to sn-50

NC doesn’t offer anything… they just hint you to some 3rd party hosters. and there are more than just that one you mentioned.

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I see now, thanks for your answers.
I’ll turn to opsone-cloud then.

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