Subscribed calendars do not update

Recently began tinkering with Nextcloud to use for both business and personal purposes. I’ve actually installed two separate instances for separate domains. I wanted to have my personal calendar visible to my business calendar, so that the appointments feature would be able to check for scheduling conflicts, so I subscribed to the personal calendar on the business one.

Problem is, new updates on the personal calendar don’t seem to come through to the other side. The only thing visible on the business side is what was present at the time the calendar was originally added as a subscription. As far as I can see, there’s no way to manually sync the subscribed calendar, nor can I find any settings to dictate Nextcloud checking a subscribed calendar for updates.

Is this the intended functionality? Because that wouldn’t seem to be very useful at all. If I have to manually re-add the calendar every time I need it to update, I may as well just constantly export/import it. As a work around for the moment, I can create a separate calendar on the business instance for my personal events, but that can’t last long term and doesn’t really seem like a robust solution. Is there something I should check in the configuration to see if there’s a problem?