Subscribed calendar not fully syncing

HI all,

good day/night.

i may have a noob question.

i recently installed NC18 (hub) and was able to add a subscribed icloud calendar and after adding a cron job running every 5 minutes i was able to view just 1 recurring event, but not all.

am i missing something so the subscribed calendar can show all events?

what is the refresh rate for a subscribed calendar and can it be updated?

ive been trying to find an answer to these questions with no luck.

thanks in advance

your help is appreciated.


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Anyone experiencing this?

Yes, I have the same issue.

At first I noticed Nextcloud only showed the re-uccoring events of an subscribed (public Google) calendar.

When I added it again as a new item it simply didn’t show anything. I’ve also tried setting different refresh intervals in oc_calendarsubscriptions to no avail.

I first spotted tit in 17.04 but the problem is still there after upgrading to 18.01

Following these instructions made it work.

The cron job is configured to run every 5 minutes.

i removed the calendar and re-add it and its only showing 1 recurring event and not the rest.


nobody else experiencing the same?

im guessing not… :frowning:

trying to bring this topic to life

Same problem again. Seems I’m back on square one again. Not sure what made the problem came back but the cron-thing doesn’t work (longer).

Same problem one year later, now version 20.0.7.

Anyone else?

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Yes, I can confirm I’m having the same issue too. It just loads in once and doesn’t update ever again

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do any of you have any updates on a possible fix for this?

bringing this topic back to life… has anyone been successful on getting the public subscribed iCloud calendar to work on the calendar app?

I’m on version 22.2.0 on docker.

My problem was also an incorrectly set up cronjob. Check, if the cronjob in your system settings is running without any errors!