Subfolder with bad permissions


I’m facing a problem on Nextcloud 19.0.6 / groupfolder 7.1.1, on S3 as primary storage :
I have created groupfolders shares with write and delete permissions for groups, whitout advanced permissions.
When a user creates 1 ou 2 subfolders in a GroupFolder share, one the subfolder is created with bad permissions, ie only read. The oc_filecache table contains for this file id permissions = ‘27’ or ‘26’, when ‘31’ is expected.
Of course, the user is member of a allowed group with write and delete permissions.

If I launch a occ groupfolder:scan, perms are modified to good values… but if I create 1 (ou 2) subdirs, the bug appears.

I have no logs entries about this, only a “No read permissions” when I try to access the subfolder.

Does someone have an idea to soluce this ??


I’d say you probably should start off with an update. Even for nextcloud 19, there are two newer versions of groupfolders available. But for nextcloud itself, there are three major versions newer. Maybe somewhere in all of that, there is a fix for the issue you are having.

Another thing you can try, is checking the issue list for groupfolders; Issues · nextcloud/groupfolders · GitHub