Subfolder Premission

Hi, I wanted to ask is it possible to allow write-access to a subfolder which is under a read-only parent folder?

In my project, I would like to have the following structure:

  • parent_folder (read-only to all shared members/group)
    • group_A (write-access to groupA members, others read-only)
    • group_B (write-access to groupB members, others read-only)

I tried to share the parent_folder with both group A and B and provided them with read-only access, and then for each subfolder shared to the target group and provided the group with write- access.

However, when group A member access the group_A subfolder, it is still saying “You don’t have premission to upload or create files here”.

Are there any suggestions?

Thank you.

Advanced permissions currently cannot allow permissions that are denied in the “normal” permissions.

To get the behaviour you have to allow the permissions to the group in the group settings and then deny them using advanced permissions on the root of the folder. You can then re-allow the permission for any child folder.

There already exists a feature-request on github: