Subfolder content upload

I would love the ability to drag and drop a folder with sub-folders and the files within them, and have it all upload.
it seems with version 14 of Nextcloud you can upload a folder and its files by dragging and dropping, however if the folder you drag and drop has a sub-folder, the upload process stops at the sub-folder and does not add the files within it, rather only the empty sub-folder.

I was going to try and get the office I work at to start using this as an alternative to Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive but this limitation has kept me from doing so. Most users will not be able to deal with that fact effectively, without it causing issues. Personally I could live with it but most users are already used to the ability to drag and drop something and have it all upload. In Nextcloud it does not warn that some files won’t be included in the upload so an average user would not realize it occurred and think everything was fine.

UPDATE: Testing this again today it seems to be uploading sub-folders and files but I know I had this issue a month or two ago.

Is there any known issues with larger file/folder sizes being uploaded?

Drag n drop uploads to web14.0.4 not 100% recursive, has happend to me also.

But with (linux-client 2.5.1) they are.
They were not visible immediately in web, but where after a while.

I can confirm it is working on this setup:


  • Version: 2.5.1final (build 20181204)
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS xenial


  • Version: 15.0.4
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
  • Web Server: Nginx 1.15.8-

Using PPA:

  • List item

Packages version:

ii  libnextcloudsync0                                    2.5.1-20181204.111806~xenial1                                               amd64        Nextcloud sync library
ii  nextcloud-client                                     2.5.1-20181204.111806~xenial1                                               amd64        Nextcloud desktop sync client
ii  nextcloud-client-l10n                                2.5.1-20181204.111806~xenial1                                               all          Nextcloud client internatialization files

So far this appears to be working for me without issue after further testing and upgrading to Nextcloud 15. I am not sure what my original problem was to cause the issue.

For anyone reading this and getting discouraged from trying Nextcloud.