Stuck to 16.0.6 RC1

Hi all,
Not a big deal, but i’d like to test Nextcloud 17, and I can’t update… I have changed the chanel several times, but he doesn’t want to update…

You may still upgrade manually. I’ve same issue with one Nextcloud Installation and waiting too till RC1 gets final…

Basically I think the rolling Upgrade process should improve in this way, that NC offers an own channel.

A word of advice: You cannot presume to downgrade after such an update and a release candidate software may hold some holes with unexpectedly outcome.

Furthermore, please make yourself more familiar with both system administration tasks and NC administration tasks before starting trials.

@jakobssystems gave fair advice but it seems as if @Ecphrasis was quite unaware of the manual upgrade path and thus my concern.

Please consult the documentation:

Naturally, you can choose Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, ArchLinux and probably NextCloudPi or other flavours besides Debian Linux to your liking. There may be available some more OS besides the more known Un*x flavours also …

Happy hacking.

I’m aware of manual upgrade, I am installing ownclouds/nextclouds since owncloud 5, something like that. It’s just quite boring to do… The only reason for my upgrade to an RC was to unlock the upgrade to 17, but it didn’t do the trick… Well, I will upgrade manually, if it’s the only solution… Thanks for the advices !