Stuck on step 5 in updating docker NextCloudPi - downloaded update verification failed

Got the notification that 16.0.1 was available, so logged into the user dashboard (the port 80 one) and clicked on the message to access the updater.

It started OK, but on step 5 (the verification one) it failed.

Now if I try again it just always says “Step 5 is currently in process. Please reload this page later.” Left it for hours, restarted the container, nothing works. I always get that.

I guess I need to go in and delete the downloaded update to unstick things via a terminal log-in, but where do I find it to do so? Or is there some other way I can clean things up to start the update again fresh?

Editted to add - found an update folder in /tmp, but if I rename that then nothing changes in the running container, and if I restart it the whole thing dies (but starts working properly again if I rename it back and restart again).

OK I’m pleased to be able to come back having solved my own issue.

Still couldn’t get the /updater web page to work, but going in via the panel (the port 4443 dashboard) and using nc-update-nextcloud eventually worked. Interestingly though if I used “0” to update to the latest version, for some reason it tried to update my 15.0.7 to 15.0.6 which of course failed.

But entering 16.0.1 and leaving it to chug for a fair while seems to have got me a working and updated system again so all is well for now.

Hi @DarrenHill thanks for reporting.
Glad to hear you have it sorted.

Added to docs:

Leaving “0” will update NC to the latest version tested by NCP devs at that moment. The same version that would be updated to when nc-autoupdate-nc is enabled. That is NOT the latest version released to stable by NC devs. You have to enter the version manually to update to that version.

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