Stuck on Maintenance mode

I am stuck on Maintenance mode and i cannot exit.
Tried all different methods but i still cannot exit the mode.
via OCC, via config.php, tryed updating, and repairing, all with no luck.

Basically what happened was, I’ve upgraded the contacts app to 3.0.0, and there was an issue with it, thus I’ve downloaded the previous version 2.1.8, unziped and installed. at the end there was an error, and it stuck on maintenance mode.
Ive uninstalled the contacts app, deleted the folder, reinstalled it, rolled back, but again with no luck.

The status.php is showing


config.php is set to

'maintenance' => false,

occ maintenance mode

root@nextcloud:/usr/share/nginx/nextcloud# sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:mode
Maintenance mode is currently disabled

Never mind, just needed to reboot :relaxed:
Silly old me.