Stuck installing - Internal Server Error


First time installing, and quite stuck. I used the approach here:

After completing instructions, I end with my server just showing

‘Internal Ser ver Error
The server encountered an internal…’

I cannot find anything strange in any logs. The nextcloud.log is not updated. The httpd log just shows:

AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using localhost.localdomain. Set the ‘ServerName’ directive globally to suppress this message
[Tue Nov 14 19:34:13.571586 2023] [lbmethod_heartbeat:notice] [pid 53403:tid 140005175535936] AH02282: No slotmem from mod_heartmonitor
[Tue Nov 14 19:34:13.572110 2023] [http2:warn] [pid 53403:tid 140005175535936] AH02951: mod_ssl does not seem to be enabled
[Tue Nov 14 19:34:13.575170 2023] [mpm_event:notice] [pid 53403:tid 140005175535936] AH00489: Apache/2.4.37 (CentOS Stream) mod_wsgi/4.6.4 Python/3.6 configured – resuming normal operations
[Tue Nov 14 19:34:13.575214 2023] [core:notice] [pid 53403:tid 140005175535936] AH00094: Command line: ‘/usr/sbin/httpd -D FOREGROUND’

Nothing very helpful there.

I have restarted httpd several times, no change. I have disable SELinux AND the firewall. No change.

I have logged into the DB (pgsql), and see that the tables have been created, telling me that the DB-config is ok.

Any other tips or trickes for debugging?

I take it you’re getting that error when trying to access the web interface to access the installation wizard for the very first time?

As long as you do not have a proxy involved, that internal server error (HTTP 500) must be getting logged both by httpd at a minimum, and Nextcloud too unless it’s a httpd only problem (well, unless logging is somehow been turned off or permissions are wrong).

The approach you took should yield a nextcloud.log in /var/www/html/nextcloud/data. When you say it’s not updated… did it get created (automatically not by you)? And, if so, is there anything in it at all? I’d check permissions of all intermediate parent folders (for example if data got created after the chown -R step accidentally).

For httpd, do you see the connection come in (i.e. if you tail -f /var/log/httpd/accesss_log) when you try to hit the URL?

Yes, trying to reach /nextcloud on the machine where it is installed (from another machine on network).

There is a nextcloud.log file in /var/www/html/nextcloud/data, but the last entry there is from the time when the installation started. I.e. nothing new written since then.

The /var/www folder is owned by root, while nextcloud (and below it) is owned by apache:apache. Permissions look sound, e.g.
drwxr-xr-x. 4 apache apache 118 Nov 2 22:37 data
-rw-r-----. 1 apache apache 6007 Nov 2 22:03 /var/www/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log

The access_log file is written to, when I try to connect:
[15/Nov/2023:19:10:39 +0100] “GET /nextcloud/ HTTP/1.1” 500 292 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36”

I tried removing the nextcloud.conf file from apache and ran <?php phpinfo(); ?> in an index.html file, and got the standard php info page. Telling me that the web-server is working on its own. I previously ran pgAdmin4 from the same machine, but have excluded that from the current config.

What to do?