Stuck in maintenance mode after failed update to 20.0.1

Good morning.

I thought I updated NC successfully to Nextcloud through the command-line interface.

Current version is 20.0.1.

No update available.

However, I’m still stuck in maintenance mode, even though it’s off both in the config.php file and the occ confirms that’s it not, too.

I went to the status.php and it’s saying I need to do a database upgrade?

installed true
maintenance true
needsDbUpgrade true
version “”
versionstring “20.0.1”
edition “”
productname “Nextcloud”
extendedSupport false

I tried the maintenance:repair command nothing was reported as being broken.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

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Read how to configure the maintenance mode to false.

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Thanks, @devnull, but I’ve run that command and maintenance mode is in fact off. I manually confirmed in the config file, too.

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Also, the status.php says:

{"installed":true,"maintenance":false,"needsDbUpgrade":false,"version":"","versionstring":"20.0.1","edition":"","productname":"SESP Nextcloud","extendedSupport":false}

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