Stuck at 21.0.7 because of mysql 5.7.25

I have the problem that I am stuck at version 21.0.7. I have updated to version 21 although my hosting provider only offers mysql 5, the update has worked so far, but is now very outdated. My hosting provider has still not updated to mysql 8 but I would like to install the latest security updates. The update shown to me is Nextcloud 21.0.9 should I go for it or should I try a downgrade to 20?

Nextcloud 21 is since 2022-02 EOL.

Your problem is not so much the database as the fact that you have to update all Nextcloud releases from Nextcloud 21 to Nextcloud 28. That probably won’t work. Is it possible for you to reinstall Nextcloud 28? Perhaps it would be better if you get a Managed Nextcloud and migrate to it. Then others will take care of the Nextcloud updates. You haven’t shown any interest in the Nextcloud updates in the last two years.

It’s from a sports club that also has less than 200MB of data on it, but a friend of a friend knows the hosting provider and that’s why they don’t want to change. So the problem with mysql 5 remains what are the alternatives when everything above version 21 is probably not possible. I am aware that the version is very old, otherwise I would not be reporting the problem now that I have seen it. I was already surprised that the update to 21 worked at that time although mysql 5 was running on the server, but this bug was probably already reported at that time.

Afaik, there is not much you can do except either convince the hosting company to offer newer MySQL versions or switch to another hosting company or to a managed Nextcloud provider.

Well, I’d say we have found the actual issue then, haven’t we? :wink:

Well then I’ll just accept that there’s nothing I can do and stay out of it by saying that they’re saving money at the wrong end

Probably yes. On the other hand, shared hosting is mainly meant for hosting standard websites and popular CMS systems like WordPress, which still supports MySQL 5.7, so they might get away with it, at least for the time being.