Struggling to sync photos

I am running NC Android App version 3.24.1 on a galaxy Tab S6 and a OnePlus 6 phone both running eOS. I am using a hosted cloud NC by, The clients have standard Gallery for photos, etc.
I am non-technical but can follow decent directions, just a normal user…

My current questions, since I am not being successful in managing my photos at least how I think it should work, are initially dealing with the NC Android App config settings:

  1. The Data Storage Folder selection in settings has 3 choices. Does it matter which one I choose and why?

  2. Auto Upload - I enabled OpenCamera and Pictures so that any ‘new’ pics are immediately uploaded via Wifi.

  3. My photos from my device are now on the NC cloud. Once there how can I manage them. If I delete a photo on my device it does not seem to delete from the NC server or vise versa. Shouldn’t this work? If not 2-way then at least one way? Any advice?

  4. Are there any other settings i need to configure in the NC client like sync ‘On Device’ and what does that really do? Any document that says what all these settings do in this version of NC Android App Ver 3.24.1?

  5. Someone had posted that Instant Upload is not good to use if I am trying to manage and delete photos across devices. Is this true? Seems counter intutitive to me.

Currently I can delete a picture from my devices but there is no change on the server or I can delete a picture on the server and there is no change on the devices. I would like to keep my devices in syc with the cloud for pics. Notes, calendar and contacts seem to stay in sync but pictures don’t seem to work the same way…

Thanks for any direction you can give…

I can’t really help you. But usually you upload images to the cloud so you can delete the images locally. Also, synchronization is a risk, because incorrectly deleted files will be deleted both on the client and on the server. Therefore, it is also always important to have a backup, which is excluded from the synchronization.

For my case, I upload images manually to my Nextcloud and move them to appropriate folders there. But that should also work with the automatic upload. I use the synchronization of other folders to be able to work with the same files locally and in the cloud. As a backup, I upload all files to a storage medium, which is neither client nor Nextcloud. Your Nextcloud is not a backup. At most, if you do not synchronize, but copy manually. You can ask your provider for Nextcloud backup. Also maybe you can use the Nextcloud trashbin on error. Test an error and the desaster recovery.

Thanks for the input. One thing I need to do is learn more about how better to use the Nextcloud App functionality. I do not know how to manually upload individual or new groups of pics to the cloud. I would like more manual control myself but my wife just wants hers to work and not have to do it manually. She is trying to replicate her iPad/Apple cloud experience knowing that it is not all going to work that way but it is frustrating.

I also wish there was an easy way to do Albums or change the grouping by dates either in Gallery or on the server. For what I know, it seems the only way to do this would be to create a bunch of sub-folders on the cloud under the Pictures folder and move photos to their specific sub-folder.

And yes, some kind of back up is on my lto-do list :slight_smile:

I really use Nextcloud subfolders for my pictures. For me pictures are the same than normal data. I also find this easier for backups to USB hard drives. But with Nextcloud Photos you can structure photos form different folders in albums. But there were some bugs in the new Photos 2.0 app. Hopefully you use the newest Nextcloud version. But i share mostly not albums but folders and use the functions e.g. to download the pictures and folders back to my computer.

I am using the Nextcloud version suppled by my eOS/Murena account so I get what they give but the structuring for the ‘data’ via sub-folders seems best

sorry for kicking in late here, but i have two suggestions of what i do use for sync and manage files on android devices:

1.) managing files:
this is imo best done using solid explorer, which supports webdav access and is a two pane explorer which makes it easy to open files or move them up and down to/from the cloud.
only downside, this is a payed app which i have bought years ago but it is worth every penny.

2.) sync:
to sync i use foldersync, there is a free version which only supports one account, but this should be neough for your needs. i have set up a 2way sync with delete on my dicm folder, this goes to a photos_new directory on my nextcloud and a one way upload with delete of files older than 90 days, this way i have all my photos on my cloud at any time and my phone has only the last 90 days on it and never gets full storage.

the nextcloud android app is installed on my phone, but i actually dont have any real use for it.

Wow, cool options. I will look into these and see how they fit my (wife’s) needs.

Hey dude, do you know if you can connect more than one Nextcloud at a time to Solid Explorer? I have one (http) that connected but my hosted (https) does not connect. I was wondering if there was a limit.

I just answered my own question. I deleted the connected Nextcloud and then added the one that would not connect and …bingo… connected! Only one instance at a time.

You err there, i just connected to my neighbours instance that i manage and could copy a file from my instance to his without issue. I have no idea what the problem is you sface here.

Manually copying a file or pic is not an issue. It is having the photos automatically sync between devices. Regardless I am making headway on a possible solution with suggested utilities. Thanks

If you use Android, better check out Les Pas, much more easier to do photo/album management jobs on mobile device.

With a quick glance Les Pas looks promising. Thanks, deeper digging and learning tomorrow!

Then you talked about FolderSync there is only one account at a time with the free version. The payed version allowes multiple accounts, as i mentioned already in my initial post

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