Streaming music from Nextcloud in a android app

Hello !
I would like to create an android app which will stream the music stored on my cloud in the app, but I can’t figure out where to start, how to connect my app to my cloud first of all, and how to stream the song that I want to listen to from the cloud IN the app…
Does anyone know something that could help me ?
Thank youuu

have you peeked into this one, already?

No, i’m going to try but it already seems like it could be interesting. Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

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Another post around here pointed me to the Cloudbeats Android app. It streams from various services, including Nextcloud, without having to download the file locally. It also has the option to download to the device.

It’s been working well for what I need.

there is some interest in this and I got 2 requests to connect an app to the Audio Player.

The first challenge is the authentication against NC from not within the NC-App. Once this is sorted out, the AP-APIs should be able to deliver the meta data + file locations.
If the native app manages to access these locations via webdav then, it should be possible.

I am tracking the status here.
there are some todo´s like e.g. deliver an API to get the current status of a playback so you can continue across devices, where you left off…

You can use Power Ampache for Android with the Nextcloud Music app.

Thank you but it’s already an app lol
I want to create an app that does exactly what this on does (which is streaming music from my cloud)…

Oh thank you very much I’m going to look in that direction then !

Thank you but once again, Ampache on android is already an existing app (and I want to build my own) but it’s interesting because it is open source so maybe I could figure out how to make the process work in my own app… :thinking:
Thank you ! :slight_smile:

How did you set it up? I enter the url for my nextcloud but I can not get past SSL cert no authorized.

Sorry for the late response. I don’t remember how I set up cloudbeats. In the intervening two years, I found that Nextcloud was not a good solution for streaming music for me, and I switched to Airsonic, which worked much better. Lately, I am considering switching to Jellyfin, and have been doing some testing with that. (Both using the docker images from

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My favourite is DSub for streaming from my NC installation. As the name implies, it uses the Subsonic API. Biggest plus is that it works with Android Auto as well…

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