Streaming in third party apps

I saw that people work on streaming from the UI and such. For now however, I am ok with using third party apps for this, especially on Android. I heard that streaming works well with MX Player but I can’t get it working (VLC does not work either). So I have a few questions:

  • Am I the only one?
  • I read that it is necessary to transcode videos to certain supported formats to play it in the browser. Is it the same for third party apps or can they usually stream any format that they can play from the sd card?
  • There are different kinds of URLs that can be passed to the players. Some players seem to be more intelligent and find the necessary link on the site. The Nextcloud Android app passes links that look somewhat like this: Could it be that just the wrong link is passed to the player? Wouldn’t they need a direct URL to the media file like ?

Please enlighten me. I have obviously no idea how streaming works.

I’m having the same trouble.

I want to stream my videos from the nextcloud with and external apps (since the option is there is it would come pretty handy) i use MX player, it works with the small sample video of nextcloud, but with large videos mp4 mkv of 300MB- 2GB doesn’t works

What could be the problem?

If you are streaming and especially transcoding video your best bet is to install Jellyfin and point it to your Nextcloud storage. Performance will be light years ahead of using the video player built into Nextcloud and it will work exactly as you’d expect + adds a fantastic interface.

Thanks for your help, after so long I could install and run Jellyfin. Works pretty well if I read the files from somewhere “outside” nextcloud like /home/user… but when I try to point it to a nextcloud folder it doesn’t works.

It has to be some problem with nextcloud permissions?

Sounds likely. Nextcloud is normally user www-data. Have you tried mounting your Nextcloud directories locally on the filesystem (if same machine) or using Samba/NFS/WebDAV/rclone

I’d check Jellyfin documentation, jellyin forum, and internet searches since this is a common setup.