"Streaming" Capabilities (not video/ audio)

I thought I’d be able to get a quick answer for this looking online, but every search I’m doing is turning up results for how to setup audio or video streaming. I want to replicate the user experience with Google Drive (when they made it “Drive File Stream”). I want to have metadata about the files on my computer, then if I open a file (or somehow access it, copy, pull properties, etc), I want it to pull that file content from my NextCloud implementation.

Is this possible? It seems like if I enable a folder in the NextCloud app, it then downloads the entitreity of the folder and occupies all of the space on my local disk that mirrors the NextCloud folder.


EDIT: Oops, picked the Apps category thinking of the Desktop App.

Do you mean the VirtualDrive feature that you don’t have all the files/folders synced and just placeholders?

The download are handled in the background. You can make files or folders available offline, so you can work on them without internet connection. But that is just an additional option.

That sounds like what I want. Looks like it’s still not GA for Mac in 2023? I’ll turn on the experimental feature and see how it goes, but surprising it’s taking over 4 years to come to Mac. Thanks!

As far as I know there is no public timeline for any feature.

As a user you can only try to test the feature and report it to the bug tracker. You can already see open issues regarding the virtual sync feature (macOS-specific issues have an additional label):