Strange thinks can happen to your cloud in the future

I just had a strange experience with my NextCloud: I logged as admin and the admin’s page told me that the machine had not connection to the internet and thus some services, like sharing folders, would not be available. Obviously, that was not true, because I was logged into the machine via internet and I could also ssh into the machine.

Then I poked around a bit and suddenly I saw that the system’s date was set to some think in the year 2029. Somehow the clock must have had a malfunction. After I set it back to the right time, the message about the missing internet connection was gone.

This is a bit strange. Could some one explain this to me? Why did NC tell me that there was no connection to the internet while I was logged into the machine?

Could be anything really. Wrong system dates always lead to very weird things :slight_smile:

Well, I assume, in 2029 there is no internet anymore as Donald Trump switched it off or robots have assimilated mankind and Nextcloud knows that already :grin:

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Man, although you made me laugh really loud, let’s all hope that none of what you said is going to come true!

On the other hand, what’s the difference between Trump and Hillary :smiley:

Future is probably inevitable

The difference is: Mrs Clinton surely knows the better hair dresser!

Nextcloud - Making ownCloud great again :laughing: - I’d vote for new motto :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @LukasReschke @MorrisJobke


Normally, this comes from one of the config.php settings

Nonetheless: this message does look weird, after you just logged into the machine via internet: how can I log in, if the machine is told to be without any connection to the internet? :wink:

It does not reflect the real connection.
It only tells OC not to check e.g. for updates with every AJAX

Can be used for performance tuning