Strange: Installation Wizard page is displayed - instead of Login page

The following problem has happened twice so far:
I have installed Nexcloud on Strato Server, configured users, installed Windows desktop client,
and after some days of use Nextcloud stopped working.
If I try to enter the login page, suddenly the Installation Wizard page is displayed.

First time this problem happened, I did a clean installation of Nexcloud.
This time I did some troubleshooting and found out, that the /config/config.php has been overwritten/resetted.
I’ve added the mysql database information manually and now its working again.

Does anybody have an idea how this can happen?

Strangely enough in the /data/ directory there are some owncloud.db, owncloud.db-shm and owncloud.db-wal files.
There is also an owncloud installation on this server but in its own directory and database.

Help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Holger

Same happened to us last night.
Strato Shared Hosting, NC 13, no OC installed.
i just restored a backup from the Strato backend and now everything is fine again.
And while restoring I found your post here :slight_smile:
Maybe its an issue with Strato itself?
The config.php was completely empty…