Strange folder in nextcloud


I usually use rsync to backup the NextCloud data from the Ubuntu server, and I found that there is a folder, name is "appdata_ocgaf7v9eayk/ which consumes rsync to take a very long time to backup the files under this folder, can someone let me know if I can skip this folder for the rsync backup?


You can install the linux program ncdu to sort the folders by size. In the folders there are appdata e.g. image previews. You should definitely backup the folder. Where the backup of course depends on the restore concept in the end.

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understood, then I will not skip appdataxxxxx folder when I perform the backup, just it will take a very very long time to backup this folder.

Normally you make incremental backups. Then you only need to backup changes from the second backup on.

For a better understanding; the part: “oc[0-9a-z]{10}” after appdata_, is the ‘instanceid’ from your config/config.php. There normaly exists a directory updater-<instanceid> as well.

In this case, it is not a security-relevant value, but especially if you don’t know that, you should be a bit more cautious before posting such values world readable here.

The instanceid is used to identify your nextcloud instance and is used e.g. in cookies as well.

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