Strange error while installing

For some odd reason when I install NextCloud onto my raspberry pi and go to the site link for it I get a page scrambled with code and a white box saying “NextCloud” and above that it tells me to Enter a single “.” to install in the current directory, or enter a subdirectory to install to.

please help as soon as possible. I am going mad over this.

The text in that screenshot sounds like it’s from the updater or something, rather than the usual index.php file. Does the url end in something other than / or index.php?

Well before I click the button to go next it just shows the ip for the link but then afterwards it shows me this as the link.'.%24nextpage.'&directory=nextcloud&directory='.%24_GET['directory'].'

I am guessing you don’t know whats going on with it?

If you haven’t already, remove the installation directory all together, ensuring no files remain, then unzip NC back in fresh.