Strange behaviors of contacts app

Hi there,
the contacts application is very useful and well working, I use it since several years in my Nextcloud server with DaVX integration for mobile sync with no problem.
Despite that I think it has some unexpected behaviors in handling groups and in its web interface for editing contact cards.
More in details:

  • it’s impossible to delete a group (both remove only the group label and remove the entire group of contact).
  • the group disappear as it it was deleted if you remove from it all its members. After this the group label will be definitely unavailable.
  • if you’re editing the last contact in a group and you remove it from the group, the contact card disappear and the system says “there are no contacts in XXX group”.
  • each contact card is presented in the web interface with fields in a different order. I think that some basic fields should be displayed in any case (even if they are empty in that contact) and in any case the layout of the card should be well defined and fixed.

Another quite unusual behavior is when you move a contact between different address book: for example recently I created a new address book with the aim to move there my work contacts: changing the address book from the dedicated field in the address card causes an error message and the copy of the contact in both the address books.

I hope this suggestion from my experience can improve the development of the app, in any case thank you a lot the developers!

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