Strange behavior - local/online files not being in sync on a regular basis

I am using the Nextcloud hosting since a couple of weeks and am not yet very experienced with NC generally.

I am on debian/xfce, with thunar as filemanager. NC client is the official AppImage

Also I am in a situation where internet access is not very stable at one location I am using shared files, so I am mostly accessing the local files which then get synced later on when connectivity is available.

I am quite regularly seeing a situation where the online server and my local folder are not in sync at all up to a point where you are about to panic data (files) where lost.

I was being suspicious of Thunar being the culprid up to the point where I see Thunar have more files then online (which at the beginning did not happen), but now this thesis does not hold up against reality really.

anyone with similar issues?

At the moment i .e. I see 11 files 1 folder in my local nextcloud folder and only 7 files, 0 folders online (not to mention whether the files that actiually are visible on both sides are in sync or not. This happens all the time and certainly is not adding trust in the service in general.

next thing happening is that the online version is overwriting the local folder (which results into removing several files and folders, or if you want to be sounding more drastc: data loss.)

I am pretty sure this may be a red flag for many. But on the other hand if this was happening more often did not match the image NC has built for itself.

  1. So, is there anything in my setup which can be seen as the culprit?
  2. Am I right with the assumption local changes/new files inside the tracked folders should be synced online and not being overwritten/deleted?
  3. is NC only capable of functioning right with constant a-grade connectivity and fails upon shaky internet?

few minutes further down the road, the local folder is back to where it should be, just the online instance keeps to not having stored about half of the files.

I guess even though I seem to have the data back somehow this would make it pretty difficult to share those files with other users I assume.

wholly crap!

it was all my fault, due to having 2 copies of my NC-tracked folder on my local machine where only one of them was actually synced, while I work in the other (unsynced one)

happy to see it’s not a great failure but rather local confusion.