Storage RootFolder access

Hi All,

Following the developper documentation, I’m trying to refer the root storage in one of my service like

 $container = $this->getContainer();
 $container->registerService('MyService', function($c) {
                    return new MyService(

$container->registerService('RootStorage', function($c) {
                    return $c->query('ServerContainer')->getRootFolder();
                    return $c->query('ServerContainer')->getLogger();

class MyService{
     private $storage;
     private $appName;
     private $logger;

     public function __construct($appName, ILogger $logger, $storage) {
            $this->appName = $appName;
            $this->logger = $logger;
            $this->storage = $storage;

    public function MyMethod() {

When I call method MyMethod on the MyService, I receive an error about MyService is null.
If I remove the ‘RootStorage’ reference on MyService is not null any more.

Could you help me to fix this issue ?


Annotate $storage with IRootFolder (and import that). That will give you a bette error.

Thanks for your answer.

I do some change in my MyService class like

use OCP\ILogger;
use OCP\IRootFolder;

public function __construct($appName, ILogger $logger, IRootFolder $storage) {
        $this->appName = $appName;
        $this->logger = $logger;
        $this->storage = $storage;

but MyService is always null.
Perhaps an inclusion is missing.
I need a specific declaration in Application.php to use getRootFolder() ?

Where is MyService null?`

When I call it from a command

If I remove the storage from the constructor and application, it’s working

I found, inclusion is not OCP\IRootFolder but OCP\Files\IRootFolder

Now, I’m trying to write in a folder from an occ command and I receive an OCP\Files\NotPermittedException

Any idea?

I try to create a file in the admin users store, so I try to “touch” a file in /admin/files/myfile.txt
The folder is available

In fact, the file is present in the directory, but not visible in the web interface … strange

I must do a occ file:scan --all to register files/folder.
Strange if I use the framework to save it…

What folder do you try to write in

From Nextcloud UI, I create a folder in the admin users storage named TEST.
I want to create a subfolder based on the current date.

$date = date('Y-m-d');
$folder = "admin/files/TEST/".$date;

The folder is correctly create in the file system, but not visibile in the UI.
I must run occ files:scan admin

try to get the admin user folder (check the interface)

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getUserFolder() insteadOf getRootFolder() ?

yes filler

ok I try this.

It’s perfect. It’s working as fine !
Thanks a lot.