Stop declaring VFS as stable!

There are many critical bugs (10+ kinds you end up with it deleting files), dealbreakers (days of client-side downtime), and features not just there (thumbnails).

It’s not stable. You should call it beta, not ‘enterprise ready’. It being used as the default in setting up folder connections., without any experimental label is just irresponsible.

I’m not mad, that the software is not suitable for use, rather it being misrepresented.

I definitely agree VFS is not production ready at this point. May be enterprises with contract get better support to configure the clients, may be they are waiting until the feature becomes stable (I always recommend my clients to wait until first service pack before they start using any software).

I disagree the software is not suitable for use - for me it looks OK. But there are lot of issues… given the fact not even Microsoft with full control of all parts can make it fully reliable I bet it takes some time until NC can address at least most common issues…

It may take some time. The feature was announced a year or more ago, and held stale.

Still, it’s not suitable for ‘use’, where use is undefined. It needs constant babysitting, even for a light home user with an always-on desktop (not interrupting nc).

What is the suitable use case? I would personally use a webdav browser instead of VFS, since resurrecting and debugging takes hours.

If anybody wants to use it, sure. Though, it shouldn’t be reccomeded.